Support Coordinator Networking Brunch

by | Jul 27, 2022

The inaugural Support Coordinator Networking Brunch held by Integrity Care & Support was a huge success. What a wonderful way to come together to learn, share and connect.
The guest speaker at this first event was the amazing Loz Antoneko.
Loz identifies herself as the Healthy Habit Coach.
Loz’s purpose is to help busy individuals in upgrading their happiness, health, and vitality to go from stuck to unstoppable. Loz motivates goal-oriented, mission-driven individuals to prioritise their fitness, health, vitality, and body confidence to live longer, happier, and more meaningful lives.

About Loz
Loz delights in the challenges of living a fulfilled life with gratitude and drive. She strives for success in every aspect of her life and is a firm believer that life happens for you rather than to you. As a fitness and wellness ambassador, Loz is committed to improving lives by living an amazing life, inspiring others to do the same as she continues to seek out challenges to nurture her personal and professional growth. You can learn more about Loz by visiting her website or tuning in to one of her podcasts.

At this brunch, Loz shared her tips on resolving mobility issues with her gizmos and gadgets to make life a little easier and create healthy habits to live longer!

What did the attendees say?
“It was one of the best events I have been to, the intimate setting made connecting with other providers so much more enjoyable. I will definitely be attending more in the future. And Loz was an amazing guest speaker. Her truth and openness really resonated with me.
Great job Integrity Care & Support!!”

The next Providers Networking Brunch will be held on Thursday 18 August at 10 am. Our guest speaker is Benjamin Ho from Talk Health.

The Providers Networking Brunch is the ultimate event for providers – think TEDx talks over delicious food and drinks. The Providers Networking Brunch is a strictly no sales, no business cards, no pressure networking event. While we encourage meeting new people, having a great time and expanding your knowledge base – this is the event to come to if you’re sick of 30-second spiels and having business cards forced upon you.

Please register here

If you are interested in being a guest speaker and sharing your knowledge, please feel free to complete the application form here

We have also created an exciting new group for Support Coordinators to come together and collaborate, share knowledge, and learn about local providers and what their niche is. Join this group on Facebook

See you at our next event.

Vanessa Norman
Founder & CEO of Integrity Care & Support